About Us

Global Culinary Delights: Seasonal Flavors

Off the Hook is a new restaurant for Comox. We are moving into the space that was Toscanos. Although we are not related we have heard you are not happy that you have gift cards for Toscanos that have not been redeemed and that your favourite meals are no longer available..

  • As a gesture of good will, we have decided to push our launch back by a few weeks so you can redeem your gift cards and we will serve some of the old Toscanos classics that you enjoyed along with a few additions from the new menu so you can get a sense of what we will be offering. .

  • From fish and chips to salads and smoked meats, our food menu is 100% gluten-free. Sourcing the best ingredient to create delicious dishes you’ll love. Our in-house-made dressing and unique batter are just some of our food’s homemade items.